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Terms You Need to Know

The Rubik's Mini Cube is rather easy to solve. You will see that there are very few moves that you need to learn in order to solve this puzzle. First, you must learn the simple notation that I use in this solution guide.

Hold the Mini Cube so that one face faces you. That face is called the Front face. The one on top is called the Up face. You also have the Right, Left, Back and Down faces.

These sides are named because of their orientation to you, not because of their color. If you turn the cube upside down, the UP becomes DOWN, and the DOWN becomes UP, so the sides don't retain their names. DOWN is whatever side is pointing to your feet, and UP is always pointing up.

There are only 2 types of turns that are useful: clockwise() and counterclockwise('). The symbols in parenthesis will be what I use to differentiate between different types of turns.

For example:

F would mean to make a CLOCKWISE quarter turn of the FRONT face, and it would make a cube look like this if you did it:

Conversly, F' would be a COUNTERCLOCKWISE turn of the same face.

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