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Step 2


R = Clockwise turn of right face

R' = Counterclockwise turn of right face

This second step to solving the Rubik's Mini Cube will get your top layer pieces in the correct spot but not necessarily in the correct orientation. There are two moves that will do help you do this.

Doing this step will screw up any correct twists of the corners, but that's okay because we twist corners in step 3. This step just gets the pieces in the correct spot. In order to determine what piece goes where, you will need to know which color is supposed to be on top (this is easy to find out as its the only color that doesnt appear in the bottom layer). Now, rotate the top face until one of the corners is in the correct place but perhaps twisted wrong. To the right is an example of a corner in the correct spot, but twisted wrong.

Now that you have one corner fixed, you need to place the other 3 in the correct spot. There are two swap moves. One exchanges adjacent corners and the other swaps diagonal corners. Pick the one that you need, position your cube so it matches these drawings and do the swap. You may need to do two swaps to get all the corners in the correct places.

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