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Terms You Need to Know

The Pyraminx is rather easy to solve. You will see that there are very few moves that you need to learn in order to solve this puzzle. First, you must learn the simple notation that I use in this solution guide. First, always hold the pyramid so that you are looking at a point and another point is pointing at you. Get the point? There are only 4 moves that you can make at any point in solving the pyramid. You can turn the left, right, top or bottom corners.

You will see that after you get past step 1 you will never need to rotate individual single corners, so there is no special notation for them. You always work with turning the larger two layered corners.

Now, you can turn these corners either clockwise or counter-clockwise. A clockwise turn is denoted simple with the letter that corrisponds to the corner being turned. For example, a clockwise turn of the left corner would be (L). Counter-clockwise turns are denoted with the letter of the side being turned and a quote mark ('). So, a counter-clockwise turn of the left corner would be (L'). Always turn the corner as if you were looking directly at it.

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