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Step 1


R = Clockwise turn of right corner

R' = Counter-clockwise turn of right corner

Step 1 to solving the Pyraminx is fairly easy. When you are done, your pyramid will look like the following diagram. You will be fixing the 12 middle pieces that are shown in this diagram. (You don't need to worry about the white spots yet)

Pick one of the triangles, for example the green one in the following diagram. Now, twist the other corners until the colors match. In the following example, you would do an R turn to match the two greens, then you would try some B turns until you got all 3 greens matched up. If you turn the B corner all the way around without matching, then you need to turn the T corner once, now repeat the matching process by turning the R and B corners. If this still doesn't work, turn the T corner once more in the same direction and try again.

Once you get one set of center pieces matched up, the other two will be very easy. Simply turn the corner opposite the already solved face until all the center pieces match their colors. In the following diagram, the greens have been solved using the above method. All that remains is to do a L' turn. (Remember thats a counter-clockwise turn of the left corner). If you don't understand that terminology, check out the terms page because the next step uses lots of these terms.

When you master this, go to Step 2 next.

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