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Step 4


R = Clockwise turn of right corner

R' = Counter-clockwise turn of right corner

This is the last step to solving the Pyraminx. When you are done your pyramid will like this:

You will have gotten as far as you can with the previous step, and there should only be 2 or 3 pieces that are still mixed up. If there are two pieces messed up, then they will probable be adjacent like the following diagram. Theres a slight chance that they wont be adjacent. In that case, do another move from step 3. Otherwise, orient your pyramid like the picture and do the move.

If you have 3 mixed up pieces that are not in the same layer, you need to go back to step 3 and do that move one more time. If you have all 3 messed up pieces in the same layer, you will notice that either of these two diagrams will match your situation. One set of moves will rotate the messed up pieces clockwise, the other will do the same counter-clockwise. Just orient your pyramid like the diagram, figure out which way they need to be rotated and do the move.

Thats it. Congratulations!

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