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4x4x4 Master Cube Terms

You should hold the cube so that when you look at it, it looks like these pictures. During each sequence of moves listed in this solution you will also need to not change which face that is pointing towards you. Each slice of the cube has a name. For example, the left most slice is named F and the slice next to the left most slice is called f. See diagram:

Similarly, the Upper two slices are called U and u. The Downward slices are called D and d. The Back slices are called B and b. The Front slices are called F and f.

When you see a letter corresponding to a slice, that means to turn that slice one quarter turn clockwise. An apostrophe( ' ) means to turn the previous slice counterclockwise. So, F' means to turn the front most slice counterclockwise a quarter turn. A double apostrophe ( '' ) means to turn that slice a half turn either direction. So, r'' would mean to turn the inner right slice a half turn. Rotations are always done as if you were looking directly at the slice that you are turning from the outside looking in.

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